Omar, 25, California
dennishopper: so.... what can you recommend me by Blonde Redhead? and please don't tell me everything, give me a list of your favorite albums/ songs that i should check out. i haven't heard them at all, what kind of music do they play?


Well it’d be rather cruel of me to to just blindly throw you into the 25 year career of Blonde Redhead so here are some helpful pointers on how to start out.

The albums “Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons” and “23” are my favorites by far.

An extremely shortlist of favorite songs off the top of my head would include: 23, In Particular, Here Sometimes, By Spring And Summer Fall, Elephant Woman, Will There Be Stars?, All My Plants Are Dead, and The Dress.

Hope that helps, and hope to see an amazing new mix out of you soon.


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